analysis.jpgWithin the last ten years plus, there is no doubt that Performance Analysis has taken a more regular front seat in an athlete’s training regime.

Whether it be the average gym goer filming themselves lift or an elite football side focusing on how their opposition attack the goal, analysis has certainly taken a more front seat in the modern day athlete, amateur and professional wise.

Performance Analysis is best described of the gathering of stats and trends within an athletic performance. Whether it be trying to improve an athlete or teams performance or scouting what opponents do, the video tool within sport has been an ever growing factor in Sport Science within the last fifteen to twenty years.

In data released by the English Institute of Sport, a coach can only remember 30% of the information they have just watched. That means that a lot of action goes missing when a coach processes a fixture which can be backed up by footage. Of course, every coach will have their favourite techniques on how to do their job and sometimes analysis does not fit in to the methodology they want to use but in the increase in athletic performance, notably in England, shows that analysis is a great tool to be used in elite sport especially.

The other side to this is that is analysis actually hindering an athlete’s performance. With all the stats or technique going in to a person’s head, does it make them perform with more anxiety and less freedom? Potentially. It also potentially not as sometimes athletes just need to know what they are doing wrong. There is no harm in the knowledge of some stats and potentially  the more knowledge, the better.

Of course, everyone reacts to analysis differently and at the end of the day – it is about  finding the right technique that suits you.



  1. The short answer is yes, they can do without it. Athletes in the past have managed quite well without the visual feedback given to them however one would argue, what if they had the performance analysis that’s provided now. Would they have become better, more successful athletes?

    In my opinion the added analysis should not hinder any athlete. It can be used to achieve repeated success, telling the athlete what he or she is capable of, and how they can further improve themselves.


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